Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh Blogger, My Old Friend!

3/15/2011?!?!  In all fairness, I forgot my login information, so I was unable to update my blog.  After that, so much time passed I sort of forgot.

I am back, and I have much to share.  Later though.  I'm hungry.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WHAT?! Time really DOES fly!

So, it's been nearly ONE YEAR to the day that I have last blogged! That is sad. So much has gone on...I will re-cap in another post tomorrow.

This post will be brief. Jackson is having surgery tomorrow. I'm trying to keep a brave 'Mommy-Face' on, but inside, I'm a wreck!

Please send us your prayers and good thoughts - we could really use them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

2010 Houston Saint Patrick's Day Parade

This past weekend, Jackson and I invited our friends, Rachel and Matt, along with their three children to ride with us on a WWII firetruck with The Bluebonnet Brigade.

A Houston tradition, the 51st annual Houston St. Patrick's Day Parade 2010 was presented by the Houston St. Patrick's Parade Commission. The two-hour event has historically been one of the largest parades of its kind in the U.S. and included 127 entries to delight the Irish and Irish-at-heart. The parade started and ended at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston and was Free to the public.

We had a lot of fun - I am glad that Jackson and I are able to participate in events like these, but more glad to be able to share the experience with others!

The pictures I took may look a little grainy or the color may be a tad off because I took them with my cell phone.

How cute is this guy here??

This picture doesn't do these beautiful cars justice.
I can't even remember how many DeLoreans there were, here you can see clearly see 6 of them.

Yellow Antique Fire Truck

I really liked this float (it's all the sparkles, I'm sure, lol),
but the lighting of the sun made it hard to see in the picture.

Jackson and I sitting on top of the truck waiting for the parade to start.

Friday, March 12, 2010

You've Got Me Under Your Skin

Well, it appears that I have gotten under the skin of a certain Internet Radio Host for a Conservative Ethnic Group (lol).

Yesterday, I posted the copies of comments and replies about how poorly my candidate was treated during his phone interview earlier this week. Today, I find that said internet radio host responded to my letter (not Jeff Daiells'??) wherein he calls me a liar (huh??), suggests that I don't know details of my candidate or his campaign, and then attempts to twist reality around by stating that I owe him an apology!

Ya...I don't think so, "Larry". But, nice try.

Check out the hilarious post from him below, atrocious grammar and all, followed by my final comments to him!

Thanks for the admission

Mrs. Cole~Pearson, thank you for your commentary here and your admission of numerous idealogical points which Mr. Daiell tried very hard to avoid. As for rudeness, I was polite & Mr. Daiell called me despicable & contemptable as I recollect. Furthermore, while I'm sure you don't know this, it was Mr. Daiell who asked to be on my show and commented afterward that he was actually glad (my conclusion...I don't know if he was actually glad, happy or simply satisfied) he appeared. So, I believe it is you, he or both of you who owe me an apology for both his and your dishonesty. I suspect; however, that like the huge percentage of votes you all were counting on, I doubt that will be arriving anytime soon either. Have a nice day.

  • Posted By Lauro Garza at 2010-03-11 19:22
The following are my Final Comments to Mr. Garza:

Not to split hairs, Mr. Garza, but it was you that called me on the afternoon of Thursday, February 4, 2010 and requested for Jeff Daiell to be on your show. You explained to me personally that you had attempted to contact Jeff once on your own, but were unsuccessful. You also stated to me that you would “love to have (Jeff) on your show, but (you) needed to speak with Jeff first because you won't go in blindly on an interview.”

I will agree that you and Jeff were both equally polite and engaged in common courtesies in the beginning of the show, to include Jeff stating that he was glad to be on your show to share his message with your listeners when you welcomed him. After exchanging these pleasantries, your line of questioning became more aggressive toward the break, and by the end of your show, you were completely out of line. You may call these tactics “hard-hitting”, but the reality of it, sir, is that when you personally (not politically) offend someone, it is your responsibility to rectify the problem, unless you intentionally meant to insult the person. There is certainly a difference between a “lively conversation” between two educated, passionate adults, and engaging in a contemptuous, slanderous partisan scheme of baiting and provoking. far as dishonesty is concerned, Mr. Garza, perhaps it would be wise for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your own words and actions. Further, had you provided either myself or Jeff with the full-disclosure that your radio show was nothing more than a set up for you to attack Jeff Daiell and the Libertarian philosophy, we would have never have agreed to have Jeff be a guest on your show, plain and simple.

I will end this now by letting you know that I wish you well in your efforts to reintroduce Latinos to the Republican Party. I’m sure that we will all continue to do our best in fighting the good fight to ensure that the rights and freedoms of our citizens are not trampled on by Big-Government while also advocating Lower Taxes, and Fiscal Conservatism.


Christie Cole-Pearson

I do suppose Lauro was right about one thing... On his website, he's a self-described "funny guy". Turns out he's right about that!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conservative Latino Talk radio hosts Libertarian candidate for Governor Jeff Daiell

I realize I haven't posted anything in a while... It's honestly a good thing because I've been very busy lately! However, at the moment I want just want to rant about something.

Recently, and man contacted me about having my candidate for Governor of Texas, Jeff Daiell, on his Conservative Latino Talk Show entitled, "Latino Talk Texas". We, of course, were very happy to have been invited to be a guest on the radio, and the host, Lauro Garza, seemed to be as well...

Jeff Daiell was on this show on March 8, 2010, and can be heard at the following link:
Have a listen, and see what you think.

I won't go into detail, other than by posting what Mr. Garza had to write on his blog after the hour-long interview with Jeff, followed by what Jeff Daiell and I both wrote in response to Mr. Garza.

"Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor, Jeff Daiell, discusses Libertarianism, his history with it and his campaign for Texas governor. Mr. Daiell, not surprisingly, avoids answering questions with regard to religious principles and governance but was willing to discuss his advocacy regarding the dangers of illegal drugs.

He advocates for legalization of dangerous drugs and cessation of the effort in what he calls "Lifestyle" laws. Arguing that although he recognizes dangerous drugs "damage people" he still prefers they be legal so that people on drugs can and will seek treatment.

The discussion was lively and Mr. Daiell became annoyed with me when I pointed out the weakness in his argument that he did not wish to admit. Although he felt he won his argument, legalizing dangerous drugs, in his mind, does not, still, make them "okay" but he was glad for his appearance on my show.

Despite his assertions otherwise, Libertarianism is not the purer Republican faith nor is Republicanism a type of libertarian lite. They are fundamentally different and when confronted, crypto-libertarians and, apparently, real Libertarians attack. Among other things, he called me a "Republican". I can handle that.

- Lauro "Larry" Garza

This is Jeff's response:

Mr. Garza's inaccuracies

I'm not sure I can count them, but I will try:

I never said that using drugs was "OK", and Mr. Garza knows full well that I did not. What I said was that drug use was not a matter for the government, and that it was more important to punish murderers, child molesters, car thieves, etc., than those who smoke marijuana. Mr. Garza is entitled to put imposing his views on drugs ahead of safe streets, schools, and homes; as the father of twin daughters who were both molested by a man already convicted of child molestation, who had been given probation after that first offense because the prisons were too full of drug offenders, I put the safety of Texas's citizens, especially the children, first.

I answered his questions, to the extent he would allow me to without interrupting, so any claim that I did not is nonsense.

Rather than avoid discussion of morality and religion, I made it clear that the Republican Party had no monopoly on either, and that many Libertarians, like many Republicans, came to their respective viewpoints because of religious principles.

I never claimed that libertarianism is a form of Republicanism - indeed, I pointed out that the Republican Party is not consistent on ideology, bragging about its "big tent" approach that includes both conservatives and liberals.

For Texas, Liberty, and public safety,

Jeff Daiell

And finally, here is my response:

I must admit that I am quite surprised that you would request (multiple times) for Jeff Daiell to be on your show, only to treat him the way that you did on the air. I was simply floored that you “dribbled on” (your words) for approximately 6 minutes during the introduction of your show before you introduced your guest. One would think that as a host, especially a host with your credentials, you would know more about radio host/guest etiquette.

In the beginning of your show, Lauro, you boast about Jeff and the Libertarian Party - stating that you "respect and admire (Jeff), and want his message to be heard". Unfortunately for your listening audience, they didn’t get the opportunity to hear his message because you were too busy talking about yourself and interrupting him! As a matter of fact, you rudely spoke over my candidate on more than eighteen occasions and twisted his message many times! Although this behavior is rather typical of uber conservative folks like yourself, I expected more professionalism from you.

For whatever reason, you refused to accept the Libertarian point of view when you asked for Jeff Daiell's position on Anti-Prohibition (Is it really too much to ask that individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make?), of Separation of Church and State (In order to govern a body of people effectively, religion has to be removed from laws in order to “level the playing field”, if you will, because we all do not share the same faith.), and regarding positions on Nullification (Do you really have an argument about the U.S. or the State having the right to invalidate any federal law that is deemed to be unconstitutional??).

These ideas of Common Sense may not coincide with your definition of Republicanism, and that is fine. As we Libertarians say, “Live and Let Live”, but to have the audacity to charge that my candidate “can not distinguish between arguments” when you make a claim that Lifestyle Crimes and Child Molestation go hand-in-hand is outrageous! If this was your attempt at playing the Devils Advocate, Mr. Garza, you failed.

You may not make any apologies for being a Conservative Republican (no one is asking you to), but you certainly do owe an apology to Jeff Daiell for misleading him when you asked for this interview, and also for your ill-mannered behavior during this “show”.

Christie Cole-Pearson
Campaign Manager
Jeff Daiell for Governor
"Because We're Texans"

Hmm. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow in Texas!!

Yes, that's right. I said snow! I heard on the weather station all week long that Houston was going to get snow last Friday. I was hopeful, but a little skeptical. I mean, one, it isn't even technically Winter yet, and two, it's HOUSTON! We are known for our strange weather and ungodly humidity... but snow just isn't a word you hear much in Houston.

Well, by 10:00 am last Friday, THIS was the view from my window here at work!

And, THIS is what it looked like outside at lunch-time! Isn't it just beautiful?!

I couldn't resist...I just HAD to go outside and play in the snow! It's sad, I know, but I haven't seen snow (that actually sticks to the ground) since we lived in Germany! That was over 15 years ago!!

And I just love how snow turns adults into children again! I saw this one man at a red light who pulled his entire upper body out of his driver's side window to catch snowflakes with his tongue! (I will admit that I too caught snowflakes with my tongue, however, I refrained from doing so while I was driving.)

Because of the hazardous road conditions, my work let us off early. I immediately went to scoop my Scooty from school so we could go play! He was so happy that he got to leave early! I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said that he wanted to go visit Daddy at work, so that's what we did!

This is Daddy having a snowball fight with Jackson at his work. I was lucky enough to take this picture just as he had thrown the snowball...Can you see it?!

On Sunday, we went to Crosby to visit Jack's Grandmother, Nanny Windham, for her 80th Birthday Party. After we ate lunch and visited for a bit, we went to the front of her neighborhood to play in the snow. Unfortunately, it wasn't real snow (you know, the kind that really falls from the sky), but here in Texas, this is the kind of snow we are accustomed to.

Just look at the size of the snowball Jackson has aimed Daddy. I think it's about as big as his entire head!

After we played in the snow in Nanny's neighborhood, we stopped to visit Santa and Mrs. Clause so Jackson could tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

As we were walking back to our car, Jackson says to us, "Mommy, I know that wasn't the real Santa Clause." I asked him how he knew that, and he says, "Because there's no sleigh and no reindeer!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009




Jeff Daiell, (713) 777-1776
Stephanie Zachary, (713) 777-1776
Christie Cole-Pearson, (832) 298-8887


(Houston) - Jeff Daiell, a candidate for the 2010 Libertarian nomination for Governor of Texas, has appointed Christie Cole-Pearson as his Campaign Manager. Ms. Pearson will be responsible for developing a multidimensional field strategy, mobilizing and coordinating volunteer efforts and activities.

"The Jeff Daiell campaign will provide a vehicle for voters who respect both civil liberties and the free market, reaching across party lines and the political spectrum. We are not conceding a single constituency or a single county to the two tax-subsidized parties." explains Ms. Pearson.

As a Libertarian, Jeff Daiell’s positions allow for an advantage on the gubernatorial playing field. Daiell’s platform includes the Texas Affordable School Choice plan; refocusing of law-enforcement resources away from lifestyle crimes to concentrate instead exclusively against violence, theft, and fraud; and respect for The Tenth Amendment. Complemented with a campaign manager who fosters the importance of Responsibility of Self as well as a dedication to Civil Liberties and Personal Freedoms, this combination is a reflection of efforts that are hard at work to provide Texans with the progressive leadership they deserve. The candidate welcomed Ms. Pearson into her new position stating, “I'm confident that Ms. Pearson's leadership ability to lead our campaign efforts will speak volumes. Her leadership experience is matched only by her commitment to serving the community and helping those in need of assistance."

As the founder of Luggage for Kids, Ms. Pearson has lead grassroots involvement activities to coordinate and provide donated luggage to Children's Protective Service for children in foster homes. She also hosts the quarterly blood drives at Gulf Interstate Engineering. Ms. Pearson has successfully transitioned her leadership skills from pageantry to public service.

To learn more about Jeff Daiell or to become a volunteer, visit the website at Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook (Jeff Daiell For Governor) and Twitter (WeAreTexans)!